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SitePiper offers turnkey marketing solutions focused on WordPress, GPS Map Navigation, SEO and SMO integration. From concept to execution look to us for rapid design, development and functionality. We integrate traditional PR services for story placement in print, radio, television, web video and backlink rank and discoverability value.

Get Found, Be Memorable and Sell.

There is always an easy way to do the difficult. At SitePiper we integrate solutions so they work seemlessly together. Getting found on Google, Bing and other top search directories is vital. However since most searches are being conducted via GPS Map Navigations for cars and on smart phones – we lead the way with mobile discoverability. Thats just the start. From our winning websites to social and public relations solutions – we help businessses become memorable and make sales.

From Real Estate to Real Sales.

SitePiper works exclusively in the technical open source world of WordPress a free content management system used by over 74 million websites. We build our clients databases on the very latest and secure servers using PHP 7 and MySQL. For eCommerce we use the top WordPress store system: WooCommerce. 


Get discovered on thousands of localized directories and backlinks that help you rank on the Microsoft web, navigation and social media ecology.


Google’s complex localization is just the tip of the iceberg. From mobile ads to mobile maps we help you get ranked and found. Let us help you get found.

World-Class Productivity

SITEPIPER provides small businesses with easy to use project management and speedy technical support. We empower our clients with optional training so they can manage their own systems. Alternatively, SITEPIPER provides affordable on-going marketing and technical management services that make life easy.

Fast & Easy Work

We are able to deliver select solutions within 24 hours or faster.

CreatIVE ResultS

Check out our portfolio for over 20 years of world class design.


Our customers are our biggest fans.

SitePiper has helped me with all three of my businesses including ranking my electrical business #1 on Google & Bing. They also brought more customers to our Asheville cafe using social media. Also they helped lease out our 8 story commercial condominium. I heartily recommend their top notch services.

Russell Thomas,,

This marketing agency has been a great help to my music business, from social media to the web ( Additionally, when I learned I need a kidney transplant SitePiper produced a special event. Over 900 attendees raised $75,000. Thanks SitePiper!

Kat Williams took our complex WooCommerce Website from a load time of 16 seconds to less than 2 seconds. This remarkable achievement helps us rank higher on google. Great work and attention to detail! Check-out thier work at

John Bogdanovich



Most small busineesses thinkg they cant afford their own agency. Check out our reasonable prices. The sales and marketing impact is worth the investment.




The high impact marketing services  that every small business needs. Perfect for tiny start-ups.

Our rates are based on $50/hr.




Get the right services with high conversion rates. A-Z marketing on demand.

Our rates are based on $50/hr.




The most cost effective marketing on demand services for medium sized companies.

Our rates are based on $50/hr.

Always Mobile & Social Friendly

We recognize that over 70% of web and navigation traffic comes from mobile devices. Is your mobile presence fast, accurate and compelling? Let us help…

Josephine Markle

Josephine Markle



We are excited to meet new customers and help them advance their sales and reputations goals through smart integration work. Let us help you with your discoverability, social media, web and mobile marketing. Call (828) 216-5769 for more information.

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